Nokia 1100 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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One of the most defining characteristics of Nokia phones throughout the years has been their indisputable sense of style. Whether talking about the small models hawked by action stars or the sleek models preferred by the business set, Nokia phones have raised the bar when it comes to stylistic sense. The Nokia 1100 phone is no exception to this rule.

Covering Your Phone with Style

Yes, the Nokia 1100 is one of the most compact phones in its class. Yes, the Nokia 1100 has a long-lasting battery and a built-in flashlight. Yes, there are innumerable accessories that accent and complement the functions offered by the Nokia 1100. But with its snappy accessory known as the Xpress-on cover, the Nokia 1100 offers an outstanding way to make a fashion statement with your phone.

Xpress-on covers are the epitome of an accessory that is both functional and fun. First off, they come in a variety of colors, so you can change the overall look of your phone according to your mood. They are interchangeable, and easy to maneuver on and off. No longer will your cell phone be drab and monotone.

That's not all, though. Xpress-on accessories serve quite a handy purpose, too--they prevent slippage of the Nokia 1100 phone. The covers have anti-slip sides, which make it harder for the phone to accidentally drop out of your hands. With such a tiny, compact phone, such an item is completely necessary. Otherwise, you risk severely damaging the inner workings of the telephone.

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