Nokia 3120 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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Nokia has hit the ground running with some exciting audiovisual-related accessories for its 3120 phone. Recognizing that SMS and Instant Messaging have proliferated the world round, Nokia and other third party manufacturers have begun producing enhancements for the Nokia 3120 phone that can turn a typical bland message into a fun blast for everyone. Messaging has never been as exciting as it is on the 3120.

Getting Your Message Across, Multimedia-Style

The Nokia 3120 allows you to send a SMS or other message with both photographic and audio attachments. Whereas before people were relegated to a string of alphanumeric characters, today they can virtually send a narrated slide show over their cell phones. Some accessories help to facilitate this advancement in Nokia messaging.

The Nokia Fun Camera PT-3, for example, is a small standalone camera that is meant to accompany Nokia brand cell phones. There is a built-in flash, so the camera can be used both on a hike and in a club. The camera can also hold up to 50 photos in its memory.

The greatest part about Nokia's Fun Camera accessory is that it attaches with absolute ease to the Nokia 3120 phone. The camera merely plugs into the phone's Pop-Port connector, and the pictures are transferred fairly instantly to the phone. With the greatest of ease, Nokia has expanded the multimedia capabilities of messaging with a fun-to-use, fashionable accessory.

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