Nokia Antenna Boosters

Written by Kevin Little
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Nokia antenna boosters are wonderful for phones that often lose reception. These products are incredibly easy to use, and more powerful than their looks would suggest. In terms of design, they seem almost decorative. In terms of use, they are quite practical and effective.

Nokia antenna boosters resemble nothing so much as stickers. These products are applied in much the same way a decorative emblem would be affixed to one's phone. An adhesive backing secures this smooth, flat unit to the back of the phone. The unit does not look like an antenna, nor is it apparent how it would boost the reception capabilities of a phone.

Nokia antenna boosters do, however, work like antennas. The power of a "sticker" antenna has been compared to that of an antenna with a length of four feet! Such an add-on would be quite difficult to stow in one's pocket or on one's belt. These little stickers pack quite a lot of punch.

Uses of Nokia Antenna Boosters

Even people who have no trouble with cell-phone reception have taken to using antenna boosters. Many people apply these boosters in anticipation of those times when they will have to make a call from a difficult area for reception, such as an underground subway car or an elevator. While cell-phone reception can never be guaranteed, antenna boosters certainly increase one's odds of placing clear, uninterrupted calls.

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