O2 Xda

Written by Adam Blau
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The XDA from O2 is a fine example of the interactive implementation of several electronics devices all under one roof. The means by which the XDA combines the features of a cell phone, digital organizer and web browser is particularly fluid. Whether you're a newcomer or aging veteran of electronics devices, the Windows-based system should facilitate your mastery of the electronic organizer in a heartbeat.

Interconnectivity and the O2 XDA

Looking a couple of years back, people were awash in electronic devices. It was not uncommon to see a businessperson pull out a digital organizer, look up a phone number, call the person on a separate cell phone, all while sitting in front of a computer looking up information on the Web. At least three machines were involved, all requiring a fair amount of multitasking and attention.

The XDA has provided a home for all those devices in a single, sleek unit. Now, the process goes something like this. Pull out your XDA, look up a phone number, click on it, put the phone to your head to speak, put the phone down and browse to look up the pertinent information. You can even send an email or SMS while you're at it!

The convenience and small packaging of the XDA will surely be worth the investment for both business and pleasure. As we become more and more dependent upon technology, it's nice to know that these advancements really are aiding us in the most time- and cost-efficient manner possible. The XDA is a wonderful example of how to integrate various ends of technology as smoothly as can be.

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