O2 Xda Ii

Written by Adam Blau
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The XDA II from the company O2 is the next wave of wireless Web, mobile communication and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) hardware. This all-in-one electronics device epitomizes the growing hybridization of electronic machines into a single unit. One look at its feature list proves that the XDA II is at the cutting edge of digital assistant technology.

What Can the XDA II Do?

The question is more like, "What can't it do?" For starters, the XDA II is a full-featured cell phone and digital organizer. Ergo, it has all the conventional specs you might expect of the most recent cell phones, including voice recorder facilities, speakerphone and multimedia message services. The organizer portion supports handwriting recognition and boasts versions of Microsoft's Pocket Office software.

The multimedia portion is where the O2 XDA II really shines. Yes, the device is an MP3 player and a digital camera, to boot. The XDA II also serves as an MPEG4 camcorder, though, allowing for video capture in the palm of your hand. Of course all these media can be transmitted as part of your messaging service, as well.

Rounding out the package, the XDA II serves as a wireless browser and PDF viewer. You can theoretically conduct business right from your XDA II, all in one cohesive unit. With its stunning visual display, the XDA II will surely be a smash hit

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