O2 Xda Iii

Written by Adam Blau
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If the XDA II from the company O2 represented a strong step forward in digital assistant technology, the brand new XDA III represents the stretch of that step several inches further. It's clear that the folks at O2 have taken user requests into account in redesigning their XDA line, as the feature-packed XDA III is a sleeker, stronger, and more "computer-like" version of their device. From input to implementation, the XDA III is a strong entry into the world of high-end digital assistant technology.

XDA III and the Onboard Keyboard

On earlier versions of the XDA, entry was primarily based on either the touch-sensitive screen or an accessory collapsible keyboard. The XDA III eases the means of data input, as it has a QWERTY keyboard built into the body of the machine. No longer does the user have to worry about handwriting recognition software; accurate data input is merely a keystroke away.

The XDA III offers the latest and smoothest implementation of a Pocket PC to date. It is stocked with the latest and most fluid translations of Microsoft's Office software, making it a breeze to transfer files back and forth to your desktop or laptop computer. With the onboard QWERTY keyboard, it's even possible to avoid your main computer altogether and simply conduct business from the XDA III.

As the O2 XDA III is relatively new and incredibly feature-packed, it will likely cost a fair amount for a while. When you consider that the handheld device is actually a fully-featured computer, though, the higher pricing may seem fair. Regardless, the XDA III will likely prove to be a powerhouse of the business world.

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