Pda Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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Owners of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) have a wealth of options at their disposal when it comes to accessories for their devices. As virtually any PDA owner will tell you, items like Palms and iPaqs are remarkable computing devices that offer a range of services and features. With the never-ending stream of accessories that are constantly being developed for them, PDAs have become even more powerful and expandable than ever.

PDA Accessories and Compatibility

The term "accessories" is an exceptionally broad term, with regard to electronic devices. Basically, a PDA accessory can be defined as any item that is sold separately from the actual PDA that supplements, complements, protects, expands, or eases the use of the digital assistant. These are extra add-ons that are either manufactured by the PDA's producer or by third party manufacturers.

Some PDA accessories will be compatible from unit to unit. The stylus, for example, isn't usually a proprietary technology; it can usually be used on several different types of PDA. The various radio transmitters for MP3 players, like iTrip and TuneCast can be used on most machines with a headphones jack.

Other items are specially designed for use with a particular line of PDAs. Leather and hard cases, for example, are less likely to accommodate different brands of PDA. Camera expansion pieces and memory card types also vary from unit to unit, as can power supplies. Before purchasing accessories for any of these, be sure that you are getting the appropriate accessory for your brand of PDA.

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