Radiation And Fatigue

Written by Rebecca Lord
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Radiation has been linked to a host of medical illnesses, some of them more severe than others. In mild cases, intense radiation exposure has been associated with headaches and fatigue. In more severe circumstances, it can cause long-term illness and even death. Although the mechanism of action is understood, the full effect of radiation exposure has yet to be determined.

History Lessons from Hiroshima

The debate over the effects of radiation exposure has raged for decades. Even in cases where severe damage is well documented, doctors remain perplexed by the full spectrum of problems that radiation exposure can spark in the human system. Thus, years after Hiroshima, researchers continue to explore the inter-generational consequences of radiation exposure.

An equally difficult question, however, pertains to how humans react to much lower levels of radiation exposure. Researchers have spent decades attempting to compare the outcomes of people at Hiroshima who were exposed to high doses of radiation versus those who are exposed to low levels of radiation. This work has shown that many people who did not die immediately still suffered serious illness or subsequent death due to radiation exposure.

So should you fear low doses of radiation? Unfortunately, it's not a simple question. At very low levels, it is unlikely that it will kill you or spark a life threatening illness. However, it may be associated with mild maladies such as headaches and nausea. As research in this area progresses, we will gain further understanding of the full range of consequences that accompany low-level exposure.

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