Treo 600 Accessories

Written by Adam Blau
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The Treo 600 is a Palm OS-operated hybrid device that combines the power of several electronics gadgets into one powerful, compact machine. Part digital organizer, part MP3 player, part camera and part cell phone, the Treo 600 incorporates these features and even more into a device that lets a user get a tremendous amount of work accomplished from the palm of his or her hand. There are numerous accessories on the market for the Treo 600 that allow a user to expand, accent and protect his or her investment.

Accessories for the Treo 600

Because the Treo 600 combines so many different features, there is an accordingly high number of accessories for the unit. For example, virtually any accessory you might find for a traditional cell phone, you can likely find for the Treo 600. Earbuds, headsets and extended-life batteries are all available for the Treo 600 user. Grips, that come in decorative colors and designs are other products available that add a valuable safeguard to your user experience.

For those who utilize the Treo's downloadable MP3 features, there are accessories that will let you better take advantage of these. External speakers and collapsible headphones allow for music enjoyment. By using an external radio transmitter in the headphones jack, you can listen to the MP3s on your Treo broadcast through your car's stereo.

If you plan on using the advanced computing features of your Treo 600, you might enjoy purchasing an external keyboard for the machine. Yes, there is an onboard QWERTY keypad on the Treo for easy data entry, but this can be fatiguing with constant use. By adding an external keyboard, you can simplify your data input procedure and get significantly more work accomplished. When you learn how to get the maximum utility from your Treo 600, grips become even more important. Such a technologically sophisticated device deserves to be handled with care at all times.

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