About Ipod Touch And Iphones Series

Written by mivlipod
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The iPod Touch was released last September 2007, almost six years since the iPod was first launched in October 2001. It was considered as one of Apple's masterpieces along with it's other releases such as the different iPod models and most recently, the iPhone. Apple's iPods revolutionized the way portable audio devices are designed and marketed.

When the iPod Touch was released, some consumers were reluctant to buy it, especially those who have already purchased an iPhone. Unlike the iPhone, the iPod Touch does not have certain features such as a camera, Bluetooth, and other features commonly found in phones. If like these people you are doubtful on why you should get an iPod Touch, then read on.

The iPod Touch boasts of the multi-touch user interface, one of the cutting-edge features that come with Apple releases. The iPod Touch has a wide 3.5 inch display and you can access everything that is in your 32GB iPod through that Home screen. The iPod Touch
also has a power switch and a Home button to make navigation easier. With just a touch, you can go over all your music files, videos, and photos.

Another amazing feature of the iPod is the Mail function. You can set up your email account and contact your friends or your co-workers. It is that easy. You will also find the virtual keyboard an added advantage. Aside from the Mail function, you can also surf the internet using your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch uses the Safari web browser, which is considered as one of the best web browsers today, and you can use it to surf the internet via a WiFi connection.

But the iPod touch has more to offer. Unlike the iPhone, the iPod touch allows you to use the Calendar, Maps, Notes, and Weather features. You can watch TV shows and download music and videos from the iTunes Store. Also, the iPod Touch has a larger storage capacity of 32GB compared to the iPhone's 16GB. Some merchants nowadays offer cheap iPods and you can be sure to get a better deal compared to buying an iPhone. As of this writing, Apple will be releasing new software and applications for iPod Touch owners. An iPod Touch with a storage capacity of 432GB is also expected to be released soon.

Aside from being packed with exciting features, the iPods and iPhones also have a trendy appearance. Because iPods and iPhones are slim, they do not take up much space. They can easily be placed inside one's pocket or purse. The iPods also have rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged without taking up much time. If that's not enough, you can also use iPods as a portable storage device.

Given all these features, it is not surprising that people consider buying iPods and iPhones a good investment. People from both developed and developing countries buy iPods and iPhones even if the prices are considerably higher compared to those of other players.

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