Calling Cards

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Calling cards enable you to make a telephone call--whether local or long distance--from anywhere without having cash on hand. Most are issued through long distance providers and rates are without exception higher than regular rates billed monthly. Most, ignoring those that come with your existing telephone service as a matter of course, are pre-paid. There's always a price for convenience, and always will be.

You can determine if calling cards are really the best option by asking yourself a number of questions. Do you make long or short calls, a great many per week or just a few? The point of these questions is possible connection fees, which you don't want, and maintenance fees, which might be unavoidable.

Calling Cards: One Application

There are any number of instances in which telephone calling cards are particularly useful. One is occasional international calls. Maybe you're sending a child on a month-long camping trip or vacation with family friends. Maybe the risk of taking your cell phone with you is too great, or the network doesn't extend where you're travelling.

Perhaps you have a long distance business telephone service. Each eligible employee is usually issued an individual card. When making calls, the unique ID number of the personalized card attributes the appropriate billing codes from the onset. At the end of the billing cycle, you receive a bill with calls broken out neatly by date and employee. Calls still have to be justified, of course, and there's usually a specific budget allotment to consider. Line by line analysis, however, is certainly simplified.

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