Cell Phone Carriers

Written by Charles Peacock
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sIt can be difficult to make a choice between all the cell phone carriers out there. Some of them have unbelievable deals, but you may have heard bad things from friends about their service. Or, it may seem like everybody is offering the same product. So how does one make a choice between different cell phone carriers?

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Carriers

An important thing to remember when choosing cell phone carriers is that their products aren't all that different from each other. Like buying a television set, you might have a particular brand preference or you might hear that one brand has particularly good sound quality. While this can be true with cell phone carriers, the general rule is that it is hard to really tell the difference between providers.

The only truly unique provider in my opinion is Nextel. Nextel offers a "walkie-talkie" service that allows you to talk to other people on the Nextel network. This has its advantages (being able to communicate quickly and succinctly; not having to use your minutes every time you want to talk to someone), but it can also be a bit annoying. Nextel phones tend to have a delay when getting in touch with each other, and you're also only able to walkie-talkie with people who also use Nextel (so the feature can be relatively useless unless a lot of your friends are fellow subscribers).

If you're trying to choose between the major providers, the best thing to do is to go with the best deal. Shop around for who's offering the best phone and the most minutes for the lowest price. The only way to learn if a service works well in your area is to try it out, so you may want to simply find the cheapest option and go from there.

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