Cellular Phone Deals

Written by Liza Hartung
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When it comes to cellular phone deals, many of us are looking at more than just the calling plan. We want cool phones. I recently switched plans so that I could get a camera phone for just $10. Of course, that's with a two-year contract, which will cost $150 if I decide to break it before it's over. However, I now have a cool camera phone with internet access and fun features.

Online Versus in the Store

When you first start to look at phone deals, you'll probably just want to stick with the Internet. It can become quite a time-consuming hassle to drive all over the city visiting stores of different providers. However, there are certain benefits to actually going into a store. First, you'll be able to physically look at your phone choices. Sure, you can see pictures online, but you can't tell how good the image is or how heavy the phone is.

You'll also get a feel for the customer service. If you walk in and someone talks to you right away and proves quite helpful, you're more likely to go with that provider than one whose employees ignore you for 30 minutes. In addition, the employees in the store are authorized to give some great deals, nothing like what you'd find online.

When you're looking online, you might see some phone prices or plans saying that they are "special online deals," which may make you think you can't get those prices in the store. In actuality, you can probably get better prices in the store. That's what happened to me anyway. The online price for my $10 phone with contract was $50. Don't be afraid to ask what kind of deals you can get.

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