Cellular Phone Specials

Written by Charles Peacock
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Cellular phone specials aren't hard to come by, thanks to the heated competition between the major cell phone carriers. If you're in the market for a cell phone or a new service provider, you're in luck. Simply check your Sunday newspaper for cellular phone specials, and you're sure to get a fantastic deal.

Choosing between Cellular Phone Specials

The first thing that cellular phone specials will offer is minutes--and probably lot of them. It's very important to read the fine print, however. Many providers will tell you they're giving you several thousand minutes, and won't tell you that 90 per cent of these "free" minutes can only be used at night (usually after 9 p.m.) or on the weekends. Always shop for anytime minutes, unless you really do plan on using your phone mostly at night and on the weekends.

Free or inexpensive phones are also a great thing about cellular phone specials. Providers will try to get your business by offering you a free phone that would normally cost a few hundred dollars. Each year, I sign a new contract with my provider and ask them to give me a brand new free phone in return. They always agree.

When signing up for a new plan, remember that you might have some bargaining power. If you've been with a particular provider for over a year, they will probably offer you some goodies to keep you on board. Just make sure to ask--you'll never know what you can get if you don't ask!

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