Cheap Wireless Phone Services

Written by Liza Hartung
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The best way to get cheap wireless phone service is to find the best plan for you. Do you do most of your calling during the day, night or weekends? If it's during the day, can you make some or most of your calls at night or on the weekend? I ask this because many providers offer unlimited nights and weekends. Also consider if you want to get your family on a plan or if you have one or two key people you talk to all the time.

If you have a significant other with whom you can't stop talking on the phone, consider a provider that allows couples, or anyone with that provider, to talk for free. In addition, many companies now have plans where you can put two lines on the same bill. If you're each paying half, you'll each save about $30 to $70 a month. That's quite a bit of savings.

Most companies offer family plans as well. The entire family talks to each other with unlimited minutes. As long as only one phone bill is involved, not everyone has to live at the same place. The bill will go to one address, but family members or couples can live anywhere. Also, these kinds of plans make it very easy and inexpensive for you to buy several phones.

Roaming Charges

If you know that you'll be traveling a bit and need to use your phone, you'll probably want to look for a plan with no roaming charges. You might travel on business a lot or go to see your family out of state every few months. Most providers don't charge a lot extra to get this feature. If you opt to stay away from this, make sure you are very familiar with your calling area.

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