Cingular Cell Phones

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Approximately 24 million Americans use Cingular cell phones, making the company the country's second-largest wireless service. Its claim to fame is a very attractive one indeed. Cingular is the only wireless provider in the country to offer rollover minutes. This feature is just what it sounds like it should be. If you don't use your allotted minutes in one month, you carry them over to the next.

FAQ on Cingular Cell Phones and Service

Manufacturers of Cingular cell phones include Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. A good number of these models are high-end flip phones and hand computers that feature wireless Internet, secure channels, high megapixel cameras, and more.

As far as the coverage of Cingular cell phones and service areas are concerned, it's clear enough from a national map. Cingular is a joint venture of two companies--SGM and Bell South--that originally focused on the Mississippi and Atlantic seaboard. Coverage is dense from Texas across to Wisconsin and over to the East Coast. The few pockets in coverage--for example, little bubbles within Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York--are not unique to Cingular. The network extends to California, of course, but coverage is lighter there.

The biggest cell telephone news of early 2004 was the Cingular and AT&T merger/acquisition. (Interesting that 20 years after the break-up of the AT&T telephone monopoly all we see is merger after merger and mega-company after mega-company.) The bonus surely comes for the corporate bottom lines. It comes as well for Cingular and AT&T customers, however, in the form of a stronger and more extensive nationwide wireless network, more service options, and a wider variety of cell phone handsets.

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