Cingular Wireless

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Has someone recommended Cingular wireless as a good option for cell phone service? There's a lot to recommend it. The national coverage maps of the United States, especially to the east of the diagonal line that includes Texas and runs up to Minnesota, are almost solid. You can't go wrong on that score.

The choice among providers depends, though, on where you live, how you use your phone, and whether and where you travel. Ask and answer those questions first. Be analytical as you do so. Comparison shopping--Verizon, AT&T, Cingular wireless, T-mobile, Nextel, to name several--pays off every time.

The Cingular Wireless Bonus

Cellular phone rate plans are based, as you know, on a flat monthly rate. For that rate, you get a specified number of minutes--usually in blocks of 100--of prime time talk time before a per-minute charge is applied. Heaven help you if you exceed the allotment without realizing it. This happened to me once. The month was busy. I was running not only my own business but a client's, and the client was moving offices. You see what's coming, right? I was on the phone the entire time, in my car, at the new location, at the old location. The monthly total came to more than $600, rather than my expected $69.99.

Because of this sort of thing, many of us tend to buy plans with more hours than we use, just to be safe. Cingular wireless to the rescue, however, with its rollover minutes option! Just like annual leave with your employer, if you don't use all your allotment, you can carry the minutes over to the next month.

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