Dial Around Telephone Service

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You've seen countless commercials and advertisements for dial around telephone service, whether you're familiar with the term or not. It refers to dialing a special series of numbers to access a long distance carrier. Many begin the seven-digit access code with 1010. The service offers real potential savings depending on your long distance calling patterns. You need to think about those and shop vendors before settling on dial around as your long distance solution.

There are many reputable dial around telephone service providers, of course, or 1010 long distance carriers, as they're also known. That's easy enough to tell from several clever ads featuring well-known actors. You are always well advised to read the fine print of agreements to service. You want to understand their fees and policies. Shopping and comparing vendors is always a good idea.

These services buy access from major telecommunications companies to the vast network of fiber optic lines that all telephone and data services use. They buy at wholesale prices, which enables them to turn around and sell to customers at a discount yet still turn a profit. From the customer's perspective, there is both convenience and savings with dial around telephone service.

Using Dial Around Telephone Service

You can dial 1010 access from any residential and most business lines. You cannot, however, use it from a pay telephone, a cell phone, a hotel or motel, or from a business line that requires you to dial "9" to get an outside line. Using dial around access from a military base or a pager generally means a higher rate.

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