Ericsson Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Sony Ericsson cell phones are the result of a partnership between the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony and the Swedish conglomerate Ericsson. Ericsson had been in the mobile phone business for many years when Sony teamed up with them to make their own headway into this market. Sony Ericsson cell phones benefit from the experience and brand name of Sony and the mobile technology expertise of Ericsson.

Features of Sony Ericsson Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson cell phones were some of the very first to offer color screens (when they company was simply known as Ericsson), and the company has maintained a distinct desire to keep up with the latest trends. Their phones are typically outfitted with sophisticated video processors, and give the feeling of being a small computer rather than a cell phone. In fact, Sony Ericsson is one of the leaders in merging all the features of a computer and a cell phone into one compact hand-held device.

Sony Ericsson's latest and greatest all-in-one device, in addition to being a GSM cell phone, has the ability to connect to the Internet via WPA services. Utilizing a large color screen, you can easily browse the Web and check your email from anywhere you bring the phone.

These latest models also have fantastic connectivity options. They are able to connect and hot-sync with a Mac or PC using Bluetooth or infrared connectivity. In addition, they feature a camera, a full keyboard, a music player and a computer-like graphic desktop for managing files.

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