Ericsson P800

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Listen to tunes, manage your calendar, and take great snapshots all with your Ericsson P800 GSM phone. The P800 consolidates all the technology you use most into one portable communications device. And, like most reputable GSM phones, the P800 takes advantage of a global subscriber network, giving you first-rate coverage on five different continents.

The Ericsson P800 features state-of-the-art triband technology that automatically switches to your regional frequency. While most phones in the U.S. work at 1900MHz, journey just north or south enough (to Canada or Mexico, respectively), and you may find your old cell phone simply stops working. Most other countries' mobile carriers operate at 900 or 1800MHz, but with an Ericsson P800 your reception will never be interrupted.

More Features of the Ericsson P800

The P800 also comes with handwriting recognition, which is perfect for those instances when you can't be bothered to touch-type. Maybe you're in a fast-paced meeting or you're trying to scrawl down a new contact's e-mail address and telephone number. Simply grab your stylus and jot down your notes just as if you were writing on a legal pad or Post-It note.

Finding a fully loaded wireless phone that gives you access to so many premium features can be a hassle. Many retail stores don't yet carry the best second generation devices, let alone the emerging third generation phones. If you're serious about your technology and want the latest applications as soon as they're available, your best bet is to shop online for a good deal. Many wholesalers will sell directly to you without the aid of a distributor or middleman, which can save you hundreds of dollars in the end.

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