Ericsson Z600

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Ericsson Z600 phone comes with a full complement of multimedia features just like its predecessor, the T610. The most startling trait on the new model is arguably its design. Whereas the T610 was known for its large display and more industrial looks, the Sony Ericsson Z600 has a sleek, clamshell casing.

The Z600's owners can also personalize the phone's exterior with interchangeable pictures and user themes. There are 32 different ring tones, too, each of which can be tied to a unique entry in your contact book so you'll always know who's calling without even bothering to look (though it may take you some time to memorize whose ring is whose). Users in Japan in particular have taken quickly to these added customization options, so Ericsson has expanded their reach into new markets as well. Judging by sales of the Ericsson Z600, that decision has paid off.

How About the Inside of the Ericsson Z600?

New colors, cases, and ring alerts are certainly well and good, but what's new under the hood, so to speak? The biggest departure of the Z600 is its gaming platform, which has been bulked up to support interactive play. The Bluetooth technology underlying the new Gameboard EGB-10 is meant to support multiplayer competition and let you turn your phone into a portable video arcade.

Rest assured, however, that if gaming isn't your cup of tea, there are still plenty of perfectly good reasons to buy an Ericsson GSM phone such as the Z600. The built-in e-mail client makes correspondence a piece of cake no matter where you are, while the integrated camera lets you document your trips, whether they're to the Far East or just the east coast. And like all triband phones, the Z600 frees you up to travel wherever you please without having to worry about different frequencies and settings.

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