Free Nokia Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Free Nokia cell phones are actually pretty easy to get a hold of. Nokia is one of the world's largest cell phone manufacturers, and a lot of cellular carriers offer their phones free of charge. Many of these free Nokia cell phones are actually very high in quality, and may be more than enough to meet your needs.

How to Get Free Nokia Cell Phones

The cheapest way to get free Nokia cell phones is to buy a prepaid calling plan. Carriers like T-Mobile and Cingular offer prepaid plans for as little as $50 that come with a free Nokia phone. And these phones aren't bad at all--many of them come with color screens, text messaging capability and downloadable ringtones.

If you're wiling to sign a long-term contract, you can get much better Nokia cell phones for free. Some carriers have better deals than others, and their offers are changing constantly, so the best thing to do is check each and every provider that has service in your area to find the best deal. I was able to get a free Nokia phone about a year ago that would have cost over $300 if I had bought it in a shop without signing up for a plan.

Free Nokia cell phones are also available for people who already have a contract with a carrier. If you've been with a certain carrier for a year or two, give them a call and ask if they'll let you get a new phone for free. In many cases they want to keep you happy, and will give you a great cell phone for free just to keep your business.

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