Gsm Phones

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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No matter where you are, GSM phones put you within calling range of all your friends and family--and through the same phone number you use back home. Unlocked GSM phones allow you to dial in from nearly 170 countries worldwide, all for the cost of a local call. This ability to roam is one of the major advantages of being hooked up to the GSM network through a world phone.

World phones are GSM phones that have not been locked into one specific region--usually the one in which you live. This gives you the great advantage of having your phone at any time, no matter where you are, with all the same services and calling options you typically enjoy. If you don't have an unlocked GSM cell phone and plan to travel on business, you can usually rent one for a fee. In fact, many companies keep unlocked GSM phones for use by employees when they go abroad.

Never Lose Touch

One major advantage of having your own unlocked GSM cell phone is the option of preserving your own number. This can prove to be a major convenience for you, your family and your friends, especially if you're overseas where you typically require calling prefixes and country codes to get through. For a little more than the price of a locked phone, you can have an unlocked GSM phone that will keep you wired in, so to speak, while you're traveling, as well as give you easy access to many of your computer files and other data.

You can roam using your own GSM cell phone and number in any region with a network that has a roaming agreement with your own network back home. Such roaming agreements are becoming increasingly common worldwide, giving cellular carriers a viable business to compete with e-mail, which is still free--at least relatively (advertising is a growing evil that's infiltrated the electronic messaging ranks). These carriers realize that they simply can't compete with a free medium, a fact that has exerted downward pressure on international calling rates.

More Benefits of GSM Phones

Now that you've made it abroad, it's time to see what else your baby can do. Games for GSM phones are increasingly popular, thanks to the advent of WAP 2.0 browsers. Add to that the prevalence of Bluetooth technology, and it's a piece of cake to play games across a wireless network, no matter where you may be. If you're stuck on a long train or bus ride and simply don't have the energy to do business, gaming can be a welcome diversion.

But GSM phones do offer plenty of business features as well. Manage your contacts, set appointments, jot memos, and send text messages from your phone just as you would from your home office. You can even synch your GSM cell phone with your office PC and keep files up-to-date remotely. This is especially useful if you have an admin, secretary, or co-workers who depend on info that's up to the minute. If you deal with any type of commodities or stocks, this is absolutely essential.

Choosing the Right GSM Phone

There are no one-size-fits-all GSM phones in the telecommunications world. If you're currently looking around, checking out prices, comparing features and drawbacks, this site will help clarify many of these considerations for you.

As the pace of business continues to accelerate each day, you risk your own obsolescence by falling behind. If you have competitors who are able to transact business while you're waiting for signal strength, they'll beat you to the punch. With GSM world phones, you'll never have to worry about keeping apace. Rather, your competitors will have to keep up with you.

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