Hyundai Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Hyundai cell phones are relatively unknown in the world of mobile phone technology, since most of the major carriers have yet to really push Hyundai's products. Hyundai cell phones, in fact, seem to have more market penetration abroad than in the U.S. In this country, they are most popular as a prepaid cell phone option.

Varieties of Hyundai Cell Phones

The Hyundai TX115C is part of the newest generation of Hyundai cell phones, and it seems to match the best phones on the market in terms of features and usability. An international GSM phone, the TX115C has standard flip-phone styling and actually looks remarkably similar to similarly-priced Samsung models. The TX115C has up to seven days of standby time and up to three hours of talk time.

The TX115C features a large, bright color LCD screen that is one of its most attractive features. This screen comes in handy when using the TX115C's built-in camera, which is able to take crisp digital pictures for storing or sending to friends with image-capable cell phones. The TX115C takes pictures at a standard 360x240 pixel resolution.

Like most modern cell phones, the TX115C has the ability to send both text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages. Utilizing its large color screen, you can also browse the Internet with the TX115C if you have signed up for WAP wireless Internet service. With all of these features and a built-in speakerphone, the TX115C is clearly a top-of-the-line model.

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