Kyocera Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Kyocera cell phones are a relative newcomer to the wireless market. As with any unfamiliar brand name, there are always questions about the quality and reliability of a company's new models. Kyocera cell phones seem to be getting pretty good reviews, however, and they offer some interesting and unique features.

Features of Kyocera Cell Phones

All Kyocera cell phones run on CDMA technology, which means they can't be used with every cellular provider. Companies like T-Mobile, AT&T and Cingular exclusively use GSM networks, so Kyocera cell phones can not be used with their services. Kyocera phones can be used with other popular carriers, however, like Verizon and Cellular One.

Kyocera seems to be making a concerted effort to bolster their brand with unique-looking products. Some of the newer Kyocera phones in fact look nothing like the phones other companies are offering--they have a rounded, futuristic and playful design. Kyocera also gives creative names to their phones (instead of the confusing letters and numbers used by other manufacturers) which adds to the image.

One truly unique feature of Kyocera's line of cell phones is how they open. Unlike traditional flip-phones, the Kyocera Slider actually opens by sliding the top off of the keypad. The Kyocera Koi has a similar design, but the top actually rotates off the bottom instead of sliding. Whether this is an improvement over flip-phones or normal flat phones remains to be seen, but it does look pretty neat.

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