Lg Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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LG cell phones are produced by LG, Inc., one of the newer players in the cell phone market. While their brand is not as established as some of the other phone makers like Nokia and Motorola, they have a large line of high-quality products. Their phones also offer all of the best and most advanced features that you find with the other manufacturers.

LG Cell Phones Available in the American Market

While LG cell phones are available in 27 different models, not all of these models are sold in the United States. LG has carrier contracts with both Sprint and Verizon, and their phones are usually only available for purchase through a Sprint or Verizon dealer.

If you're using Sprint or are looking to switch to Sprint, there are two LG phones to choose from. The first is the LX1200, a compact and ergonomically designed flip-phone. It has an external LCD screen so you can see who is calling before you open the phone, and it also offers SMS capabilities. The LX5350 is the more expensive model, featuring more advanced ringtone and screen options.

Verizon users have the choice of five different LG cell phones. All these phones are flip-phones (except for the VX2000), and most have them have all the basic features you'd need. The VX6000 is the only LG cell phone that has a built-in camera.

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