Low Cost Cell Phone Plans

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Low cost cell phone plans were once as common as cheap Ferraris and Lamborghinis. In the early days of cellular telephony, paying upwards of 100 dollars for a calling plan was understandable. The technology behind such plans was a burgeoning one, and those who could afford a mobile phone in the first place could easily justify spending an extra hundred for a monthly service package

Nowadays, that technology is largely obsolete and has been replaced by digital connectivity and amazing new features such as VOIP (voice over IP), which lets world travelers communicate for next to nothing, irrespective of where they are and when they're calling. Moreover, these new plans are all tailored to phones operating on new protocols that make interconnectivity between devices and platforms a breeze. So where does that leave the good old analog service calling plan? Somewhere in the dark ages.

Today's Low Cost Cell Phone Plans

The great thing about the march of technology is that today's premium digital packages are tomorrow's low cost cell phone plans. Such is the nature of advancement; in less than a few years, plans will automatically include all the voice messaging, internet, and text features that are novelties by today's standards. Low cost cell phone plans will thus continue to get cheaper and cheaper, especially as providers are forced to compete with leaders in rival sectors of the communications field.

Today, if you're paying more than 50 dollars a month for a local calling plan that gives you 500 or 600 anytime minutes, you can probably do better. Don't be blinded with generous "nights and weekends" offers; no one can possibly use 3,000 minutes in a given month. Instead, sacrifice those extra 1,000 minutes in return for 100 or 200 more "peak" minutes. If your provider is unwilling to negotiate with you, there are plenty of eager carriers who will.

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