Md Players

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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It could well be that you're not altogether certain what MD players are. That certainly comes before anything else. For a start, the MD portion is an acronym for MiniDisc. MiniDiscs are a remarkably versatile and very mobile music medium. They're small indeed--about 2.5 inches across--but hold about 80 minutes of stereo digital audio.

What MD Players Offer the Music Lover

Among what MD players offer that other formats don't is flexibility. You can mix PC files you've downloaded from the Internet, make high-quality live recordings, mix CD tracks, break up long tracks or mixes, combine a series of small tracks, erase individual tracks from a longer batch, and the list goes on. You can also add disc and track titles that will appear on the display panel of MD players. You can record from CD to MD by either digital or analog. You can't do any of this with an MP3 player, that's for certain. You also can't duplicate copy-protected audio. Enough of what you can and can't do. What's your next step?

Your best option in learning this nifty little technology is to buy a combo unit with both a recorder and a player. A portable model gives you the most flexible options for listening and recording. The best PC connectivity, of course, is the universal USB. Some MD models will come with that included.

A few technical notes should be enough to set you on your way. First, the MiniDisc uses the same format as the CompactDisc, the high-resolution 44.1kHz sampling rate. Some MD recorders use an MDLP recording mode that uses the ATRAC3 compression technology for about five hours of recording on a single MD.

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