Mitsubishi Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Mitsubishi cell phones were formerly the province of Mitsubishi Wireless, Inc. This company was founded in 1995 to provide cell phones to the North American market. Mitsubishi Wireless, Inc. was dissolved in 2001, and the manufacturing and sales of Mitsubishi cell phones in the United States was turned over to Mitsubishi's Japanese and European divisions.

Varieties of Mitsubishi Cell Phones

Mitsubishi Cell Phones seem to be in a bit of a stall pattern--most of the available models seem to be based on technology that is a few years old. That said, they can be acquired rather cheaply and they still have enough basic functions to get the job done. Most American cell providers do not include Mitsubishi phones in their offerings, so if you want to get one, you'll probably have to look for an independent dealer.

The Mitsubishi T200 is one of the most basic GSM models. It works on 1900 MHz and 800 MHz, which means it's not totally compatible with all of the networks in the U.S. It actually has an extendable antenna, which is not that common in today's cell phones but can certainly help with reception. The LCD screen is quite simple, but it's large enough to be very easy to read.

The Mitsubishi G410 is a slightly more advanced Mitsubishi cell phone. It is intended for the PCS network, which basically means it will only work with Sprint. The G410 has text messaging with T9 predicative text input, and it also features a protective flip cover that covers up the keypad area.

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