Motorola A388c

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Motorola A388c combines the best elements of connectivity and design into one complete package. The A388c's display supports up to 65,000 colors for excellent graphics-rendering, while downloadable wallpaper and customized ring tones let users personalize their phones. The graphic interface features bold, easy-to-read icons for maximum convenience. After all, when you're on the go, you can ill-afford to slow down to navigate your phone's inscrutable menu.

But the Motorola A388c is about more than just good looks and clear displays--it's about top-notch performance as well. Whether you need support for POP3, SMTP, MIME, or IMAP4 protocols, the A388c can handle it. You get streamlined e-mail capabilities that fully interface with your PC, laptop, or any other remote machine, so you can keep all your data up to date no matter how busy you are.

More Features of the Motorola A388c

Many new GSM phones offer at least rudimentary internet browsing. But frankly, when it comes to reliable, consistent connections, your average GSM phone simply doesn't cut it. With the A388c, however, you can enjoy a dependable high-speed connection that's always on. And with your WAP browser with GPRS, using your Motorola to surf the Web is just as simple as logging on through your desktop PC.

The Motorola A388c comes with all the standard mobile phone options you'd expect as well, from external caller ID to powerful instant-messaging capabilities. Turn your phone into a fully equipped organizer by using your built-in calendar and to-do functions as well as contact-management software. It may be your phone's looks that grab the attention of strangers, but it's your Motorola's performance that will make a convert out of you.

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