Motorola C650

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The entry level Motorola C650 is quite an impressive all-around package, well priced with a familiar design and surprising set of high-tech features. As mobile technology advances at lightning speed, costs for features that would have seemed high-end even a year ago drop fast and consumers benefit. Motorola and other manufacturers see the advantage of offering phones like the C650 for a huge segment that may not be able to afford the expensive and complex smartphones.

The Multimedia C650

The C650 is a perfect example of one such phone, a simple and stylish form that boasts an impressive variety of multimedia and Internet applications. Equipped with an integrated camera, the C650 provides the possibility for creative messaging and wallpaper/screensavers, as well as a photo caller ID. The VGA camera provides a host of useful features including color effects and an option to adjust the exposure.

As is quite popular nowadays, the C650 is capable of playing polyphonic MP3 ring tones with a Motomixer application for composing an original theme. Ring tones, games, and other applications can be downloaded via the phone's Java support for countless opportunities for customization. The rhythm lighting feature is another fun way to give the phone a personal look, with the ability to set the keys to flash in different settings.

The C650 also supports GSM networks with a tri-band compatibility, making it a good phone for mobile entertainment and communication. Also of note are the WAP 2.0 web browser and instant messaging functions. With practical functions like an alarm and hands-free speaker, the C650 makes for a well-rounded, versatile phone.

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