Motorola Mpx

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Motorola MPx is not so much a standard smartphone as it is a mobile communicator with the powerful technological capability of a PDA. The device is supported by both Bluetooth technology as well as WiFi, making its connectivity among the best on the market. The MPx also boasts tri-band GSM service, which makes it perfect for mobile business applications.

MPx Multitasking

The MPx, true to its nature as a versatile communicator, boasts a fully operational keyboard for e-mail and text messaging ease. The multimedia aspect of the phone is one of its many strong points, with an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera capable of shooting photos and video clips. The communicator's expandable memory supports these types of applications well.

The MPx is a good example of an attempt by cell phone manufacturers to blend several devices into one, often called "convergence devices." These devices, while pricey, make global communication more streamlined and simple than ever before. With Windows Mobile programs, the MPx and similar devices enable users to view and edit Microsoft Office files on the go.

Combination devices like the MPx have recently experienced a surge in popularity as wireless networks have improved speeds of data transmission and connection. While only a few years ago they were a small percentage of handheld devices purchased, they continue to gain attention as synchronization is getting more practical with every new model. Each of these smart devices will vary in the basic operating system on which they are based, and consumers are well advised to fully research features offered and how to use them.

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