Motorola Mpx200

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Motorola has designed many popular flip phones, and the MPx200 is a perfect example. This sleek phone design is typical of Motorola's many clamshell cell phones, and its GSM capability makes it usable in five continents. The MPx200 utilizes a tri-band technology, and has a relatively low price tag as compared to other similar phones. The phone can be purchased as part of a service agreement with a cellular provider, or unlocked from many reputable online companies.

Smartphone Technology

The MPx200 features Microsoft's Smartphone technology, which is a basic computer operating system that provides many pocket PC programs. This particular phone is equipped with Internet Explorer web browser, for example. Windows Media Player is also included, as well as Microsoft Outlook. Use of these and other MPx200 features requires installation of Microsoft's ActiveSync software.

The phone also comes equipped with a memory slot for those who need more than the 32 MB of internal memory. The MPx200 is typically bundled with several accessories, including a SD memory card that can hold 1 GB of extra memory. Also included is a headset for listening to the MP3 player that the phone features.

The MPx200 is certainly a good option for those looking for standard cell phone features and then some, but it is certainly not a full-blown PDA. It does, however, provide some highly attractive key elements, like voice recognition and a high-resolution LCD screen. The MPx200 manages to pack some pretty advanced technological capability into an easy-to-use, attractive design.

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