Motorola Mpx220

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The MPx220 is the second and highly anticipated phone to be released by Motorola that comes equipped with Windows Mobile software. This enhanced version of the MPx200 takes connectivity a step further by offering a quad-band GSM network and other advanced features as well. Motorola has taken all the capability of the MPx200 and attempted to streamline and upgrade it at the same time.

The Smart MPx220

The MPx220 uses Bluetooth, AirSync and ActiveSync technology to make it as wireless as possible when synchronizing with PCs and other smart devices. Professionals will appreciate the phone's Pocket Internet Explorer and Pocket Outlook applications for ease of mobile communication around the globe. The memory on the MPx220 is also more than sufficient, with 64 MB of flash ROM and an expansion slot for adding more.

Like most other Motorola smartphones, the MPx220 has an integrated camera and video recording capability. The 1.2 megapixel camera and advanced Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) provide the possibility for sending photo messages with text and voice recordings. There is also an external color display that enables users to attach photos to contact names to identify who's calling without opening the phone.

The MPx220, while boasting an impressive set of technological capability, is a bit larger than a lot of other clamshell phones out there. The internal antenna, which many manufacturers are now utilizing, is perhaps one reason for this. And of course, all the extras and software that come in the MPx220 more than make up for its size.

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