Motorola V180

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Motorola V180 offers a nice and simple design and a basic set of features for those of us who just need a reliable cell phone to stay connected. Considering the V180's reasonable price, it does include some pretty surprising advanced features as well. The phone has tri-band GSM capability, making it a good choice for world travelers who need to stay in touch but don't want to spend a fortune doing it.

V180 Design

The phone boasts a compact and familiar Motorola design: a slim flip phone with an external screen that indicates time and battery strength, as well as caller ID. The interior LCD screen supports a decent display for sending and receiving photos (though an integrated camera is not included in the phone's capability). There is also a built-in speakerphone option, which is one of a handful of useful features that help make the V180 a good choice for basic connectivity.

Other standard but important features include a calendar, alarm clock, one pre-installed game, and its ability to store up to 500 contacts. The phone does have a few more advanced bells and whistles, including the potential for synchronization using a USB cable, which is not included with the phone. Text and multimedia messaging is also supported by the phone's pre-installed software, which is a nice surprise in a phone of this price range.

Perhaps the best thing about the V180 is its high quality sound and signal reception. The phone boasts several versatile features but remains relatively easy to use. This phone and others can be purchased for a good price as part of a service agreement or from several sources online.

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