Motorola V525

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Motorola V525 takes triband technology to a new level. Instead of three separate frequencies, the V525 offers four of them, for truly global connectivity. No matter where you go, your Motorola adapts to the standards and protocols of that city, country, or region, so you're always connected.

The Motorola V525 also takes advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology to make interfacing with other wireless devices easier than ever. Whether you're a stalwart in the gaming industry or just a super-organized business person who demands up-to-the-minute device synchronicity, your Bluetooth configuration helps you meet your needs. And with a WAP 2.0 browser built in, you can always surf the Web to find new applications and programs to install on your Motorola GSM phone.

But How Does the Motorola V525 Look?

You wouldn't buy a hideous car, even if it came with 500 horsepower and a blistering V12 engine. So why would you settle for an awkward, clunky, or downright ugly GSM cell phone? You wouldn't, and Motorola took that fact to heart when it designed the V525.

In addition to its striking clamshell exterior, the Motorola V525 features two LCD displays, one interior, one exterior, for style and convenience. The internal display boasts outstanding luminescence, so you can send instant messages and e-mails, even in low lighting. Add to that the V525's polyphonic ring tones, customizable wallpaper, caller ID, and photo album organizer, and you have one of the most personalized and useful phones on the market.

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