Motorola V60gi

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Increase your chances of receiving a signal in the most remote areas with the Motorola V60gi's triband technology. Since different communications standards apply throughout different countries, it can be hard to find service even in Canada and Mexico, let alone Europe and Asia. The 1900MHz phones found in America are obsolete on 900 and 1800MHz frequencies around the globe.

That's the glory of triband phones--you can take them with you wherever you go, and they automatically switch back and forth among frequencies to find the most suitable one. Add to that the roaming capabilities of GSM phones as well as smaller, more compact designs, and you've got a potent weapon for business warfare. Simply drop your Motorola V60gi in your coat pocket and take your office on the road, just like that.

The Specs on a Motorola V60gi

Convenience is the watchword when it comes to the V60gi. Voice-activated dialing, alphanumeric text messaging, and FM radio capabilities are but a few of the standard perks that come with the model. In addition, an external LCD screen lets you check who's calling without having to open your phone. Of course, you can also use customized ring tones to achieve this same goal.

So what sets the V60gi apart from its peers? Well, how about its looks, for one. The V60gi sports a sleek, ergonomic design that puts it right in the palm of your hand. And when you're traveling with a suitcase, laptop, carry-on bag, and several pockets full of assorted effects, there's no time to fiddle with a clunky, cumbersome cell phone every time it rings.

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