Motorola V620

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Motorola V620 is a slim, black flip phone, upgraded from the V600 to include a video recorder and improved color display, among other things. It's a quad-band GSM phone with a lot of high-end business and entertainment features, all packaged in a classic Motorola design. The V620 boasts Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 ring tones and e-mail/instant messaging support.

V620 Entertainment

The V620 is a good choice for fans of multiplayer cell phone gaming, given its Java compatibility and high-quality display. The phone comes with three games of its own, with room to download more. Because gaming has risen in popularity over the past several years, manufacturers are developing more phones like the V620 to cater to this growing segment.

The V620 is a versatile phone, basic but with ample opportunity to add a personal touch. Along with Java downloads and applications, the phone has changeable faceplates and custom graphics. Photo caller ID and voice dialing, as well as wireless internet provide more freedom to mobile users.

Motorola's V-series phones have proved popular and well rated among consumers, and the V620 is no exception. The V620 is equipped with some remarkable applications, especially for those with experience using these kinds of devices. The V620 is worth a hard look for those interested in a simple, reliable design with a few extra bells and whistles for entertainment purposes.

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