Motorola V750

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Motorola v750 is the perfect GSM phone for gadget-lovers. Not only does the model feature a built-in camera with digital zoom, but pre-loaded games as well. True game enthusiasts can take advantage of the v750's Java platform by downloading additional games off the Web to create a portable gaming station.

For the more business-minded user, there's space for 500 contact numbers, a customizable calendar, a calculator, and an alarm clock. With all these features at your fingertips, business travel is a snap. You can keep appointments, phone numbers, and directions handy wherever you go. And with enhanced messaging capabilities, it's easy to stay in touch with your office, your home, or your friends. Think of your Motorola as more than just a mobile phone; it's more like a virtual secretary.

Finding a Motorola v750

You can always contact the manufacturer directly and try to score a deal on your new GSM cell phone. But even if you do manage to find an affordable phone, it's easy to get caught up in service agreements and contracts, all of which can defeat the purpose of a discount phone in the first place. As an alternative, try shopping online where the tighter competition means lower prices and better overall values.

Your Motorola v750 is built for the GSM, or Global Standard for Mobile Communications, platform, so you can take your phone with you not just to neighboring cities but to neighboring continents. Better still, your Motorola's triband technology never locks you into a single frequency, so there are no standardization problems while you're abroad. When you join the GSM network, you join roughly one billion fellow subscribers around the world on a single unified circuit--a circuit that's adding new members each day.

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