Motorola V80

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Motorola V80 is part of a wave of super cool, trendy cell phones currently hitting the market, and it's impressive set of technological features makes it a powerful contender. By far the most distinctive and attention-getting aspect of this phone is the rotating mechanism that joins the screen and keypad elements together. Unlike a conventional flip phone for which Motorola is known, the V80's top half rotates around a 180-degree angle to reveal the keypad underneath.

When the phone is closed, the high-quality TFT display, speaker, and central joystick are still visible, making the V80 a truly unconventional-looking phone. Finished in sleek black, the V80 is trimmed in silver lines that serve a dual purpose and add a lot to the final impression of such a device. Beneath the mirrored finish of the trim is a network of lights that activate when calls come in and can also be set to flash in response to external noises.

V80 Features

Considering the going rate for a V80, it's no surprise that the phone is equipped with a host of extras and quality connectivity. The V80 is a tri-band GSM phone and is Bluetooth compatible, bundled with a Bluetooth headset for hands-free use and communication with other Bluetooth devices. The phone is also equipped with advanced MMS and SMS for messaging and chat, as well as Java technology for downloading applications.

The V80 also comes with other premium features that have come to be expected from modern high-end phones. These include an integrated VGA camera, an Internet browser, and an impressive phone book capacity. The combination of such features with an innovative design makes for high ratings among users.

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