Neopoint Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Neopoint cell phones seem to be rather hard to track down. Only one model is readily available--the Neopoint 1000--which has ever been sold in the U.S. If you're a lucky owner of a Neopoint 1000, you may be disappointed to learn that there are no new Neopoint cell phones on the market.

Features of Neopoint Cell Phones

Even though there seems to have been only one type of Neopoint cell phone, the Neopoint 1000 wasn't without a large amount of nifty features. It was one of the first cell phones to try to combine mobile phone capabilities with a pocket organizer and wireless browser. To that end, it utilized a unique icon-based desktop for navigating and utilizing the phone's features.

Probably the most advanced feature of the Neopoint 1000 was its wireless web browser. Utilizing the Sprint PCS network, this phone was one of the first to be able to access the Web. Unfortunately, the screen size was so small (and monochrome) that it made viewing regular web pages difficult. Browsing was best done with pre-formatted sites designed for the phone.

Another problem with Neopoint cell phones was that it was difficult to enter text into the phone. Since the phone only had an alphanumeric keypad, you'd have to press keys repeatedly to get a single letter. Luckily, the Neopoint 1000 was one of the first phones to utilize T9 predicative text technology. For those who have this rare and unique phone, there are still accessories that can accommodate it.

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