Written by Laurie Nichol
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Why choose Nextel cellular products? Like the other wireless product market leaders, Nextel is constantly updating their product line to incorporate the best of new technology. And, as a respected provider of digital cellular service, they offer excellent plans at competitive rates.

But Why Make Nextel Products Your First Choice?

Really, the way competition has heated up between all the cell phone companies, it has come down to one main consideration. Features are what distinguish new lines and keep consumers interested in upgrading. And when you've heard some of the new advertisements, it's hard for anyone to avoid asking themselves if they should buy something new.

One of the most touted Nextel-only feature is the walkie-talkie feature. All Nextel phones have this walkie-talkie capability, and it has proved to be a major draw towards their services. At the push of a button, you get crystal-clear, free communication with someone else also on this featured plan.

To the world traveler, a frustrating thing about most cell phones is that American cell products don't work in Europe or Asia! This is due to the fact that our phones run on a different bandwidth. It's impossible to use one's cell phone while abroad--that is, unless you're using Nextel's worldwide service, via one of their special globally-capable models. For these above unique reasons and others, Nextel is the choice for many cellular customers.

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