Nextel Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Nextel cell phones offer one of the only truly unique features in the American cell phone market. Nextel's proprietary walkie-talkie feature allows you to talk to other people on the Nextel network simply by pushing a button. This is unlike a normal phone call in that only one person can talk at a time, but you avoid having to make an actual call and therefore you don't use any of your minutes.

Benefits of Nextel Cell Phones

Since all Nextel cell phones offer walkie-talkie service, you can actually save a lot of time by using Nextel as your provider. Walkie-talkie calls typically take less time than a normal phone call, since you can contact somebody very quickly to ask a simple question--without having to get into an extended conversation. One disadvantage of this service is that you can only use it with other people on the Nextel network.

Most of the normal Nextel calling plans offer free unlimited use of their walkie-talkie service. If a lot of your friends or family members have Nextel phones, this can mean a lot of savings. If you don't mind talking via the walkie-talkie service, you can contact them as frequently as you'd like and talk as long as you want without paying any overage charges.

Nextel recently expanded their walkie-talkie service so that it works nation-wide. One of the more annoying features of Nextel cell phones is that it sometimes takes a few seconds to connect to somebody. Anyone who has tried to call a Nextel phone has probably heard the recording "please wait while the Nextel subscriber is located." As with any cell phone service, Nextel has its benefits and its inconveniences.

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