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Gone are the days when out of the office meant out of communication. You're lucky to get through an entire movie without hearing somebody's phone ring. There was a time when social plans revolved around meeting at a specific place at a specific time. At times, one wonders whether a mobile phone is more a blessing or burden. Whatever the argument, you would be hard pressed to find anyone without a mobile phone these days.

Today, having a mobile phone is quite possibly a work place and social obligation. With more than fifteen Nextel phones currently on the market, there is a phone designed for everyone. Choosing the right Nextel phone depends on the individual's needs and preferences. Nextel phones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and capabilities.

However, with so many service plans, accessories and options, deciding on one of the many Nextel phones can feel like a daunting task. It is important to take the appropriate amount of time to reach the best decision. An impulsive purchase can cost the buyer a lot of extra money in the long run because of the one and two year contracts. Make sure to do your research if you are planning on buying one of the Nextel phones.

In a relatively short period of time, cell phone capability has expanded from basic caller-to-caller operation, to mobile business and entertainment units. Nextel phones can be purchased with many options that are also available from other mobile phone providers. Features can also be added to Nextel phones later on if the buyer wants to start out small and add as he or she sees fit. However, there are some features available only to Nextel phones.

Only On Nextel

Nextel phones are some of the most durable and versatile phones on the market. Unique to Nextel phones is the Direct Connect walkie-talkie feature. This feature, built into all Nextel phones, allows Nextel users to hold conversations while saving cell minutes. Select a phone number from your phone book, hit the direct connect button, and instantly connect to somebody anywhere in the country.

The Direct Connect service can connect Nextel phones outside the U.S. as well. Communicate at a fraction of the cost of international calling with the international direct connect, offered in and between Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Peru. Connect a group of up to 20 people on Nextel phones with Group Connect. Direct Talk is a service for Nextel phones that can keep an open line of communication when the user is outside the wireless coverage area.

Joining the Nextel community is easy and affordable. When purchasing one of the Nextel phones, look for special mail-in rebates, offers and other discounts. Signing a one year service plan offers a $100 savings off the regular retail price of one of the Nextel phones. If you sign a two year service agreement, you can save $150 off the retail price. Trade in an old phone, and the Nextel buyback program offers credit toward the purchase of a new Nextel phone.

Nextel phones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The less expensive Nextel phones tend to be larger and heavier. If you don't mind toting some of the extra bulk, these Nextel phones still offer the same great service, color screens and many of the same features available on the smaller, more expensive Nextel phones. For users that carry their phone in their pocket, one of the smaller and slightly more expensive Nextel phones is probably the best choice.

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