Nokia 3120

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Nokia 3120 is a popular choice for those who need a basic, reliable cell phone with a few advanced features. The phone has tri-band service, and it's priced right for a GSM phone that can be used all over the world. Also included are an xHTML browser and Multimedia Messaging Service. Entertainment features include a host of Java games and the potential to download more.

Notable Features of the Nokia 3120

An integrated speakerphone is one of many useful features on the Nokia 3120. Users can stay organized with the 300-contact phone book and expanded calendar. There is also the possibility to receive and send photo messages and even attach them to personal contacts for caller ID purposes.

While the 3120 lacks a few of the higher-end cell phone features like Bluetooth, it's connectivity won't disappoint those who wish to browse the Internet or send e-mails. The user interface of the 3120 is simple enough for even the least technologically minded of us to understand. In addition, its small, compact, and sleek enough to look fairly impressive.

There's also the possibility to personalize the phone with downloaded or recorded ring tones and specialty wallpaper and animated screensavers. The 3120 is indeed popular among teenagers and others for its many possibilities for personalization. Replaceable covers are available for the 3120 in a variety of color schemes.

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