Nokia 3200

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia 3200 is a dream for creative types. If style is just as important to you as performance, the Nokia 3200 may be your best choice. Not only can you customize your own mobile phone covers with your own pictures, you can also edit those snapshots with the 3200's built-in photo editor, then send them along to your friends.

But the Nokia 3200 delivers all this creative control in addition to smart functionality and features. Like a lot of triband phones, your 3200 helps reduce noise and finds the clearest channel on your network so you can hear your friends and family even better. And since the 3200 is a GSM phone, it works just as well in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia as it does right here in North America.

More Selling Points of the Nokia 3200

The 3200 also gives you great call-management features, though many of them require some network support. Whether it's a business call or social gathering, you can bring together four callers at once on a single line. And with built-in name-recognition speed-dialing, getting five folks together at once takes only a few seconds.

You also get a host of helpful extras from FM stereo reception to alarm clock capabilities. And your phone's XHTML browser makes surfing the Web on your Nokia more like using a personal computer than using a mobile phone. All in all, the Nokia 3200 is designed to simplify your life by putting convenience at your fingertips every time you dial.

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