Nokia 3650

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia 3650 is more than just a mobile phone--it's a multimedia station. Many cell phone users say they simply want the ability to make calls and don't need the extra frills. But once they get a taste of the latest technology, it's only a matter of time before they're snapping pictures, text messaging, and sending e-mails.

The Nokia 3650 is an unlocked triband GSM phone, which means you can take it anywhere in the world and still make local calls. And no matter which continent you're on, your friends, family, and co-workers can find you at the same number you've always used. That's the advantage of paying slightly more for an unlocked phone.

More Specs on the Nokia 3650

The Nokia 3650 comes with a 176 x 208-pixel LCD for optimal resolution, as well as a 4,096-color display. If you're traveling abroad and want to snap a few pictures of your exotic locale, these are handy features to have in producing vibrant, clear images. And once you've grabbed a great photo of that elephant outside your hut or that cool mosque across from your hotel, your Nokia GSM phone is fully equipped to beam your pics off instantly.

As with other Nokia GSM phones, the 3650 integrates with several different wireless technologies. Whether you use Bluetooth, or infrared systems, need to support Java applications, or simply send e-mails, your 3650 can do it all. It's like traveling with a digital camera, laptop computer, and PDA all in one!

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