Nokia 5140

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Nokia 5140 is a good example of a new breed of "sport" phones with a walkie-talkie push-to-talk operation. These phones are often popular as second phones, to be used in a variety of outdoor adventures and sporting pursuits. The tough cover of the 5140 is said to be splash-proof, though it should never be completely submerged in water, and is heavily rubberized on the sides to offset bangs and bumps.

The 5140's offbeat set of features inspired by an active lifestyle make it a unique addition to the cell phone market. The phone comes equipped with an integrated compass, flashlight, and bubble level, among other useful applications not often thought of in connection with cellular technology. Other notable features on the 5140 include a stopwatch and stereo FM radio with headset.

Perhaps the best sporting application on the phone, however, is the built-in "fitness coach," which allows users to keep up with their personal fitness goals. In this day and age of body image obsession and computer dieting, this feature fits right in with a technology-driven health plan. The push-to-talk option is yet another aspect of the phone's design that lends itself well to the overall theme of sport and leisure.

Technological Features of the 5140

The 5140 also boasts some standard features now common on the cell phone market, including an integrated VGA camera and video recorder/player. The phone has tri-band GSM capability, and supports multimedia and text messaging. The 5140, while popular with outdoor enthusiasts, is worth checking out by anyone interested in a rugged phone with impressive connectivity.

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