Nokia 6108

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia 6108 offers a host of extras that set it apart from similar phones. Chief among these is a stylus that lets users handwrite notes as easily as they'd type them. Jot yourself a reminder with the 6108's non-slip stylus, or send handwritten e-mails to friends with your Nokia's messaging functions.

The Nokia 6108 also boasts an English-Chinese two-way dictionary and recognizes Chinese characters written with the stylus. English may seem like the most widely spoken language on Earth, but Mandarin is even more widely spread, making this conversion dictionary a valuable feature. On the other hand, the phone also offers a built-in dictionary of over 100,000 English words, including synonyms and antonyms as well.

Other Performance Features of Your Nokia 6108

If you're not heading to Beijing anytime soon, there are still plenty of reasons to pick up a Nokia 6108. As with most triband phones, the 6108 gives its users outstanding clarity thanks to a multichannel configuration meant to help reduce line noise and interference. And the phone's XHTML3 browser gives users a graphics-rich experience that rivals surfing from a PC or laptop computer.

As a GSM phone, the 6108 is completely untethered, so you can take it with you to China if you please. After all, you already have the handy phrasebook built into your phone. Of course, you can always e-mail friends back home directly from your Nokia if you're stuck on a word or phrase that for some reason isn't listed in your dictionary. If they can't help you, though, you might be on your own.

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