Nokia 6600

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia 6600 is a veritable digital workstation. Gone are the days of finding the local Kinkos to reproduce and send files from abroad (or even within your own city or country). With a Nokia 6600 you get a GSM phone that doubles as a video recorder, video player, and digital camera as well.

The 6600's advanced imaging features give you cutting-edge technology that's applicable to just about any industry or line of work. Many professionals acknowledge the use of technological wizardry in mobile phones but choose scaled-back models simply because they don't see the benefit in those so-called bells and whistles. But extras such as a built-in media player, digital zoom camera, and 65,536-color display can be useful whether you're a sales rep, real-estate agent, political intern, or pro athlete. If you have to travel, you need some way to stay connected.

The Fully Loaded Nokia 6600

In the world of GSM phones, the 6600 remains a cut above your run-of-the-mill mobile. Like other triband phones, your Nokia minimizes interference by seeking out the clearest signal available. But unlike most other world phones, this Nokia comes with a built-in media gallery for organizing your images, an advanced XHTML browser for web surfing, and a host of other premium extras.

Stay on the fly by transferring up to 40Kb per second in most networks. Whether you're moving info from your phone to your laptop, PC, or PDA, or importing data from any of your devices, your Nokia 6600 operates at light speed so you don't have to slow down. After all, when there's business to be done, the last thing you need to be doing is waiting for your technology to catch up with you.

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